We're currently in pre-production of a brand new IP. Whilst we can't give away too much just yet - what we can say, is that the game will heavily feature strong emotive themes in a rich and varied landscape. The game is a single player console and PC experience, in a fully 3D stylised world.

Below is a selection of some of our concept art for the first level of the game:

And here are some side-by-side animated mock-ups of our concept, to visualise our intended look and feel of the game in a 3D space. We originally posted the below Gifs via our Twitter for #screenshotsaturday. The Gifs are actually taken from a 2 minute long video we created, which we then cut down and edited to make 4 loopable Gifs.

We tried to show as much as possible using lighting, atmospherics, fluid motion, caustics, particles, camera movement and cloth dynamics. As you can see - we tried to keep our animated sequences as close as possible to the original concept art. Everything you see on this page is not in-game. It was made purely to show our intended art style.

We will release more images in the coming months over on our Twitter first - then updated on the GAME ART page. So check back regularly and make sure you're following us for our latest news!